Ultimate Indonesian Yachts

Amazing & Accessible: The Anambas Islands

This summer, join one of our trailblazing yachts on an exploratory journey to the Anambas Islands in northern Indonesia, home to countless hidden bays and secret beaches.

• Easy access from Singapore with a 40-minute ferry to Nongsa to board your private yacht
• Explore a chain of 255 postcard-perfect islands, of which just 26 are inhabited
• Visit remote fishing villages and wander among the rice paddies and waterfalls of Jemaja

Our newest destination is a chain of blisteringly beautiful isles located within easy reach of Singapore. Skip internal flights and long layovers; a short ferry ride from Singapore’s marina will have you at Nongsa harbour, ready to cast off the lines and glide into the cerulean surrounds of the South China Sea.

Indonesia opens to international travel on April 1 2022! Enquire for details