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With over 17,000 islands across the largest archipelago on earth, Indonesia is blessed with spectacular remote destinations.

This land of legends is home to idyllic isles; some cloaked in dense jungle and inhabited by the mythical bird of paradise, others born of fire-breathing volcanoes and roamed by living dragons.

Soaring mountain peaks, untouched beaches, lush rainforest, authentic village tradition, endemic wildlife and show stopping underwater vistas cover just some of what this magnificent country has to offer on a private yacht charter.

Indonesia Cruising destinations

Located to the east of Bali and Lombok, Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, home to the legendary endemic Komodo dragon and one of the most sought-after cruising grounds in Indonesia. Cruises in this region can include Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Sumba and Alor.

Situated off the coast of West Papua, Raja Ampat is a chain of 1,500 paradisiac jungle-clad islands with steep limestone cliffs and white sand beaches. Known as one of the most biologically diverse marine habitats on earth with great variety of coral and fish. Cruises in this region can include Maluku, Triton Bay & Cenderawasih Bay.

Komodo National Park

Raja Ampat

May - october

november - april

The remote Alor archipelago lies to the east of Komodo National Park and Flores. This gem in the Indonesian archipelago and harbours a great deal of cultural interest. Between East Nusa Tengarra and Alor, these isles feature local villages set in the shadow of dormant volcanoes, wide golden beaches and exhilarating diving.

Alor Archipelago


This volcanic chain may be small, but it holds great historic significance in Indonesia. Also known as the Banda Islands or Maluku, these islands are the original source of nutmeg and mace during Dutch, English and Portuguese colonisation in the 17th century. Cruises in this region can include Raja Ampat and Halmahera.

The Spice Islands

October - november or march - april

Raja Ampat may claim most of the fame, but West Papua has a number of cruising grounds for those keen to get off the beaten track. To the north lies Bird’s Head Peninsula and the bay of Cenderawasih, while the south is home to Triton Bay; known for frequent whale shark sightings, authentic villages and wreck dives.

West Papua

november TO APRIL

The “Island of the Gods” is worthy of all the praise that is so often heaped upon it. There are few places in the world that have remained so completely true to their culture in the face of such an influx of tourists. Having said that, even today you don’t have to go far off the beaten track to find timelessly traditional villages and tropical valleys rife with jungle vegetation.