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Bali Yacht Vacations: Book Your Luxury Yacht Charter Bali

The “Island of the Gods” is worthy of all the praise that is so often heaped upon it. There are few places in the world that have remained so completely true to their culture in the face of such an influx of tourists. Having said that, even today you don’t have to go far off the beaten track to find timelessly traditional villages and tropical valleys rife with jungle vegetation.

Cruises starting in Bali would cruise past Lombok, along Sumbawa & Flores to Komodo National Park.


Yacht Charters Bali


Bali is an island of great contrasts with a heady reputation for spiritual pursuits, natural wonders and wild nightlife. The active volcano Mount Batur rises from the heart of the island, shrouded by dense rainforest that reaches up towards the volcanic black sand beaches of Bali’s undeveloped northern coastline.

In Bali, visitors can lose themselves in the booming nightlife of Kuta, shop in trendy Seminyak or surf perfect waves on the southern beaches. There are family-friendly sights in Sanur and lavish villas in Uluwatu, and then there’s the spiritual capital of Ubud, where the soul of the island is perhaps most powerfully felt.

Off the southern tip of Bali, Nusa Lembongan is a tiny, mellow island surrounded by great surf breaks and clear turquoise water ideal for snorkelling, not to mention a myriad of low-key beach bars and boutique hotels. Bali is a great tropical location for a yacht trip.

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Bali is the perfect place to start your adventures in Indonesia before travelling further afield for your luxury private yacht charter in Indonesia. Most international flights arrive into Bali, and from here, you can explore sights on land before catching an internal flight to Komodo, Sumbawa, Lombok or Sumba.

One of the wonderful things about the reefs surrounding the Komodo region is that around 60% of its dive sites are also suitable for snorkelling with their shallow, fringing reefs. Surfers can aim for the surrounding islands of Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba and Rote for perfect waves. Exploring Bali and the surrounding islands by yacht will allow you to visit areas that aren’t commonly seen by most visitors.

The coral triangle’s currents attract schooling fish in large numbers, while pinnacles, walls and gardens are heaven for drift-dive enthusiasts. Divers and snorkelers alike can expect a wide variety of topographies and magnificent marine encounters. When you travel by yacht, you will have ample opportunity to dive, snorkel and swim with the fish.



Bali and the surrounding islands in Indonesia are best visited between April and October during the dry season of the year. You can either opt for a one-way yacht cruise starting in Bali and finishing in Komodo, or fly from Bali to Lombok (Praya airport), Sumbawa (Bima) or Moyo (Sumbawa Besar airport) for a shorter one-way itinerary.


Can you charter a yacht in Bali?

Yes, our crew can organise a private yacht charter around Bali. However, this is exclusive to one-way, luxury trips with an itinerary starting or ending in Komodo, with a nine-night minimum. You can book for any number of days for a multiple week yacht trip. This luxury yacht excursion is a sensational sailing experience, allowing guests to visit the world-famous protected national parks in Bali with a professional, attentive crew, including exceptional fine dining and our famous hospitality.

Guests can sample life aboard our luxury charters, enjoying the fresh sea air, viewing rare marine species in their natural environment, and traversing the warm, calm Bali oceans in sumptuous surroundings.

The ideal yacht sailing season for trips starting or finishing in Bali is between April and October when you are assured of a smoother journey, with options to dive, explore ashore, and immerse yourself in the wonders and beauty of the archipelago and islands along the way.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Bali?

Yacht charter rates vary, depending on the number of guests, your selected yacht, and any activities, experiences or opportunities you most wish to prioritise during your time onboard. The average luxury yacht charter cost ranges from around $3,000 to $40,000 per night, and you are welcome to contact Ultimate Indonesian Yachts at any time to enquire and receive a more accurate quote for your bespoke luxury escape.

Our yacht charters are tailored to your wishes, guest number and requirements. Vessels include luxury one-cabin yachts for a romantic journey in the most tranquil of surroundings to fully equipped super yachts with numerous cabins to accommodate larger groups, always with impeccable standards. You can cater your luxury private charter to your specific needs as you travel around Bali and the surrounding islands.

Is chartering a luxury yacht worth it?

Chartering a private sailing yacht is an incredible opportunity to experience travel around Indonesia like never before, with the freedom to go wherever you wish, stop and embrace each unique destination, or follow barracuda, manta rays, parrot fish, and reef sharks as they glide past.

Each of the yacht crew are carefully selected for their skills and expertise. The yacht staff can provide insights into the best places to dive, scuba in warm, shallow waters, or spot unusual marine life. The crew will also take care of everything aboard the yacht so that you can relax and enjoy your tropical vacation in Bali.

Guests enjoy the absolute privacy a yacht charter in Bali offers, with exclusive access to diving and water sports equipment, all onboard yacht facilities, and the option to relax and make the most of their quality time without adhering to any schedule on their tropical vacation.

Simply let your crew know if you’d love to swim, visit a pristine beach, fish, or relax in the luxurious warmth of the evening sunshine, and the crew will be delighted to oblige.

Why choose Ultimate Indonesian Yachts for your Bali Yacht Charter?

We endeavour to make every private yacht sailing charter as personal as our guests, combining modern amenities and a touch of luxury at every turn with a warm, friendly and professional approach. Each yacht is exclusively yours for the duration of your charter, including comprehensive luxury equipment, dining, and comfortable cabin accommodation.

Our amazing yacht crews can provide recommendations, suggest the ideal holiday spots for a close encounter with Indonesian coral fish, and do everything possible to make your Bali yacht charter an experience you will never forget. You can enquire today to learn more about open travel days and booking your luxury holiday aboard a yacht.