10 Reasons to Choose a Yacht for your 2021 Escape


November 20, 2020

Ultimate Indonesian Yachts has a small team based between Europe & Asia, with expert knowledge of exploratory cruising in Indonesia
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  • Freedom. Visit the places you choose, when you choose, and spend as long there as you wish. 
  • Food.  Don’t like olive oil? Cucumber brings you out in hives? No problem, your personal chef will plan and prepare all your meals, drinks and snacks based on your preferences. To add to this, mix and match between formal and casual dining, and even relaxed BBQs on a private beach. 
  • Sea Views. Everyone has “room with a view” on their holiday check list. Imagine 365-degree uninterrupted sea views, changing each day as you move through the region, not just from your room, but from your entire floating “hotel”. 
  • Beaches. Set foot on deserted white sand beaches only accessible by boat and have the whole beach to yourself, before climbing back onboard in time for sundowners on deck. 
  • Diving. With your personal dive master on board, you can choose dive sites as and when you wish, without tides of people spoiling your experience. 
  • Flexibility. Check in/out times are largely irrelevant when you charter a boat. A member of the crew will meet you from your early morning flight and board you straight away, with a fresh fruit smoothie and breakfast waiting on deck. 
  • Service. All of our yachts are fully crewed. The devoted crew will wait on you hand and foot to make sure your holiday is everything you want it to be. Whether that’s a platter of fresh fruit served mid-morning, evening cocktails or a certain type of cake to celebrate a birthday onboard, your crew are ready to make it happen and will soon feel like friends. 
  • Privacy… to rival no other. 
  • Variety. Options to suit every group make up, celebration or event. If your yacht must have a certain feature, let us know and we will tailor the options we offer. We know the boats inside and out and can help you choose the perfect match.

  • Planning. Secure your dream boat up to two years in advance. With no big corporate calendars or rules to follow, most of are our boats can be booked up well in advance, allowing you to secure the boat of your dreams! With plenty of time, our inhouse guest services will ensure every detail is attended to, prior to boarding, so you can sit back, relax and soak in the views.

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