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February 21, 2022

Ultimate Indonesian Yachts has a small team based between Europe & Asia, with expert knowledge of exploratory cruising in Indonesia
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Are you wondering whether or not a yacht charter in Indonesia is the right choice for your next vacation? If you’re used to holidaying at a hotel and yachting is a foreign concept to you, it can seem a little daunting. Fear not; we’ve got some top tips to put your mind at ease.


Access remote spots

This is one of our favourite reasons to choose a yacht over a resort in Indonesia. Why commit to just one location, when you can wake up to a new view every day – without any of the hassle of repacking or tedious transfers?

In a country as large and spread out as Indonesia, yachting is a truly unique market. There’s so much more to Indonesia than Bali – the archipelago spans over 17,500 islands, many of which don’t have airports. This can be both an advantage as a disadvantage if you’re adventurous at heart. We like to think of it as an advantage! A spectacular array of islands hidden away from the world, waiting for you to explore, with a yacht to help you reach them.  




Hotel comforts at sea

You might be wondering whether you’ll get the same hotel comforts if you’re holidaying on a yacht. In short, the answer is yes! While there are a large number of boats available to charter in Indonesia, we only work with the very best. This means our team can personally vouch for the yachts’ comfort, having tried & tested them first hand.

We’d like you to think of your yacht as a floating hotel (or rather, your own private villa at sea). Depending on the specific yacht and the level of luxury you’re after, you can expect high thread count linens, fluffy towels, deliciously scented sustainable toiletries, rainforest showers, espresso machines, and floaty robes. Some of our yachts were actually built by hoteliers – for instance Prana, Vela, Alila Purnama and Samsara Samudra.

What’s more; you’ll have your very own chef and bartender on hand, committed to knowing exactly how you like your coffee & cocktails throughout the trip. Our clients include film directors, renowned business people and movie stars, and our yachts are used to catering to the finest tastes.



But isn’t a yacht more expensive than a resort?

Sometimes, absolutely. But more often than not, if you’re travelling as a family then a yacht charter will be comparable in price to staying at a luxury hotel. And with the benefit of deserted islands (and the ocean) at your fingertips!

Another plus is that the yachts are largely all-inclusive. So your meals, non-alcoholic drinks and activities are all included in your cruise. Which makes them great for a relaxing holiday without the stress of a hefty bill at the end.

Our entry-level yachts start at around USD$3,500 per night for up to 6 guests (about $585 per person per night). We also have single cabin charter yachts designed for honeymoons or romantic escapes – such as Senja and Alexa, starting at around USD$4,600 per night.

Browse our collection of private charter yachts in Indonesia.


And what if I don’t dive?

We’d like to set the record straight! You might have noticed that lots of yachts in Indonesia promote diving as one of the main activities on offer. They’re not wrong – Indonesia has some of the best diving on earth. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing else to do.

Many of the amazing dive sites can be snorkelled, given the nature of Indonesia’s fringing reefs. About half of our clients don’t actually dive, but they have an amazing time snorkelling! So, if you’re not super comfortable with the sea, not to worry. Anytime you’re splashing around with a snorkel, there will be a guide showing you the way (and pointing out amazing marine life). There’ll also be a dinghy driver keeping an eye on you too, so you can hop back onboard at any time. We regularly have thrilled guests returning from their vacation with a whole new love for the ocean.



What else is there to do?

If you’re not one for the underwater world, that’s fine too. We can design your itinerary to maximise time on deserted beaches, local villages and great hiking spots. The crews are brilliant at beautiful beach set ups. Expect comfortable cushions to lounge on, parasols for shade, water sports equipment at the ready. Not to mention a cooler for easy access to drinks and snacks. We can take you on a dinghy tour of the mangroves, coastlines and lagoons to spot local wildlife and endemic birds. Plenty of water sports equipment is ready for you to choose from. Depending on the boat you’ll often have kayaks, stand up paddleboards, wakeboards, water skis and sometimes even jet skis.

There’s nothing more transformative than kayaking solo in a quiet lagoon, with nothing but the sound of birdsong. Most of our yachts also have spaces onboard for open-air yoga in one of mother nature’s most beautiful gyms!

The chefs are always keen for guest input too, so if you’d like a cookery lesson or a mixology class, the crew will be happy to help. Fancy learning a bit more about navigating at sea? Captain’s got your back.



Are the yachts suitable for young children?

Some yachts are better suited to children than others, but we can guide you in the right direction. We have plenty of clients with children of all ages. The crew love to come up with fun family activities like treasure hunts and marine biology lessons. If need be, we can also arrange nannies to come onboard and help out for the duration of your charter.



Will I get seasick?

We get this concern often with clients that aren’t used to extended periods onboard a boat. Most of the regions where our yachts sail feature loads of protected bays and hidden coves. For instance Komodo National Park has plenty of tranquil spots.

This means you’ll be anchored in a sheltered place most of the time, and it’s rare for the seas to get choppy. So when we say floating hotel – we mean it! You won’t be rocking on the waves unless you choose an off-grid itinerary with plenty of crossings. And even so, we would help you pick the best time of year for smooth sailing.



What about Wifi access?

If we had it our way, we would encourage you to switch off and make the most of your vacation. But we understand that even when you want to fully disconnect, sometimes there are pressing matters. If you need to stay connected to the internet, we can plan your itinerary around your commitments.

Both Komodo and Raja Ampat tend to have 4G in particular areas (some spots more than others). So we can usually make sure you get access when you need it. Not all of the yachts offer wifi onboard, so be sure to check with us if this is a crucial point for you. Some of our yachts that excel with equipment for connectivity include Prana, Vela, Dunia Baru and Amandira.


Ready to make the jump from a resort to a yacht? We can’t wait to show you just how incredible it is! Check out more on our destinations such as Bali, Komodo or Raja Ampat. We’re always available to chat through any other concerns you might have, just fill out our enquiry form here.

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